Who Owns Your Voice?

With the ease of blogging and the multitude and variety of platforms available, there are many vying for the best voices, creative works and new ideas.

Lone blogs have the potential of getting lost.

When professionals collect and connect their posts, viewpoints and discussions such as Connected Principals, one of my favorite sites, there is much to be gained with regard to collective vision, voice and intent.

The question that underlies all of this is, Who owns your voice? It's a question all bloggers, Internet posters and professionals have to ask themselves as they share ideas, questions, processes and practice.

Who owns your voice? is a question I consider when I read tweets, blog posts, Internet articles and even emails.

Currently, my voice is owned by the following:

1. My voice is owned by my beliefs.  I stay true to my beliefs. I have some, strong solid beliefs that remain virtually unchanged, and yes, I also have beliefs that continue to change and develop as I learn and ponder.

2. My voice belongs to my students--I am always choosing practice, processes and tools that will best support my students' work today and in the future.

3. My voice belongs to my school system--I am committed to doing a good job related to the context, vision and goals of the school system that I work in, and I do write with my school system in mind.  I think, What is best for the students in this system?

4. My voice belongs to a better world.  I really like the world we live in--there's so much to cherish including loving families, beautiful natural resources, wonderful artists, theater, architecture, vibrant cultures and so much more.  There's also so much to change and make better such as war, poverty, pollution in our air, land and water and troubling health conditions. I believe our world is constantly moving towards a greater good, and I believe there's always potential for betterment, hence my voice belongs to a better world too.

5. My voice belongs to my family.  Like my students, I write for my family.  I write for the world I want for them and the ways I hope to nurture and care for them.

6. My voice belongs to educators.  I write to tell about the passion, challenges, aspirations and needs that teachers like me face in our profession.  I also write to tell about the potential we hold to do awesome work for the world's children and the world in general.

7. My voice belongs to vision.  Within me I have a strong vision and commitment in moving towards what's good.  I try to keep abreast of the many ideas and events happening in our world, and work to communicate ideas, vision and practice that I synthesize, create, replicate and implement.

Who does your voice belong to?  That's an important question to ponder regularly as you take part in the digital world of ready communication and sharing because our words are potent.  Our words, big and small, affect the work we do and the work that those around us do.  Educators who heed this with depth, heart and best intent, will serve to move education forward in positive, life enhancing ways.

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