Originality and Making Meaning

I opened the Globe today and read an editorial very similar to a post I wrote a year or so ago.  At first, I was dismayed, "Hey that's the post I wrote," I thought, but then I realized the idea was not that original. In fact, it was probably an idea that almost every experienced parent has pondered at one time or another.

The fact is that we're all writing about many of the same topics, questions and ideas because there are particular points that are currently present in our culture--points that many of us are pondering in order to do a better job, live a better life and make meaning.

And why do we write?  Are we trying to write just be the first one to make a point, characterize an event or introduce a new idea, or are we writing to make meaning?

I believe, that for the most part and best intent, we are writing to make meaning.  To make meaning of new ideas, questions, practices and events that lead us forward in our work as educators and our lives as moms, dads, siblings, spouses and friends.

So unless your post is about a new invention or your many months of research, there's probably a similar post that's been scribed somewhere else before, and if you happen to come across it, that post may serve to solidify, stretch or refine your idea.  After all, we're essentially in this together, and the more we share and collaborate, the better we'll get.  Perhaps not original, but meaning making nevertheless.
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