Learning 1-2-3!

While research supports the effort, the notion of personalizing education for every child in the classroom is daunting.

I want to move in that direction as much as I can this year because I know that will positively promote student learning--the objective of the work I do as a teacher.

Realistically though, I want to make sure I'm focused on the standards, learning processes and students' interests, needs and passions as I teach each day.

Hence, I've created a plan to use when it comes to lesson planning and execution.  I will refine this plan as the year moves along.

  • The Learning Goal: Start with the overarching learning goal--what knowledge, concept, and/or skill do I want students to learn. 
  • Prior Knowledge: What do students already know about this topic--assessment.
  • Inquiry:  Based on what students know, what do they need to know to achieve the learning goal?  How can I cause tension or cognitive conflict at this point in the lesson so that students are intrigued and their minds awaken to the learning need.  This is the time for meaning and purpose too.
  • 1-2-3 Lesson: Create the plan for learning including a 1-2-3 of values. 1 is the basic understanding of the goal; 2 is the grade level understanding; and 3 is the challenge area.  When students start the assignment, they will be encouraged to start with the level that is the best challenge for them--a level that's not too easy and not too hard; a level that will make them think and cause some error along the way, and a level I can coach them on. Students will be encouraged to work with each other on these tasks as research shows collaboration enriches learning.
  • Check-In: The check-in: Looking over students' work, providing effective feedback, deciding on next steps--coaching.
  • Reflection: Using prompts students will be encouraged to reflect on their own learning or others' learning with writing and/or discussion.  This will bring the learning full circle while strengthening students' self regulation. 
  • Independent Practice/Learning Choice: As students complete the focus task and learning objective, they will move into a choice time when they can choose to practice or work towards one of their independent learning goals. I will use that time to coach students who are still working on the task.
This outline provides a format for classroom workshops and learning events--it's a format that flows and lends itself to endeavors that respond to students' learning needs, and includes time and space for effective feedback, metacognition and apt learning routines. 

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