Ideas Take Time

About five years ago I read about PLNs--Professional Learning Networks.  The idea was probably born long before that.

Now, at last, the notion is being widely embraced by the education community.  Why not?  PLNs are cost effective, growth producing idea exchanges that lead to better work with regard to student learning.

What else has changed?

Tech integration is a given, now learning design is the focus.

We're finally moving from isolation to collaboration.

The definition of school is expanding to include many institutions, platforms, schedules and programs.

Learning is democratized and we know that all children are capable of learning and deserve equitable programs that represent "conditions for excellence."

"Manage the message" has been replaced with transparent, effective communication systems.

The vital role and responsibility of the educator is acknowledged in the research and literature--the "summers-off" job description is no longer welcomed or appropriate.  Good teachers are much, much more than that, and there's only room for good teachers in the profession.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie--public and private, which means there's competition and we have to be vocal and outspoken for what's right to best teach all children.

We're a global community exchanging practice and ideas with colleagues all over the globe.

Our truth, intent, imagination and focus is more important than ever, we really can make a difference and contribute to a better world.

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