Professionally Speaking

It's so easy to get dragged into unprofessional events and actions in the busy, complex arena that organizations pose, but it is never the right thing to do.

With every turn in the professional road, do what is best and stick to the central values and missions of the work you do. When it comes to teaching, that means putting the students' needs and interests center stage, and when it relates to the organization you work in, it's important to understand the vision, mission and culture you and your colleagues are reaching for with regard to success and a job well done.

Organizations can foster this attitude in the following ways:
  • Sharing vision and goals with clarity.
  • Timely, effective communication.
  • Open avenues for questions, information sharing and innovation.
  • A willingness to debate, critique and even fail at times.
  • Transparency.
As I write these words once again, I wonder how I can better make this mantra part of my professional work, goals and vision, and I wonder how I can help to continue to foster this culture in the organization I work in. These are important questions that lead the way to better work. 
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