Next Steps: Research and Revision

Today as I contemplated my professional goals, my husband asked, "What's your dream job?"

I thought about it, and remarked that my dream job had the following components:
  • students
  • a learning environment
  • awesome tools
  • a dynamic, collaborative team
  • meaningful problems to solve
I enjoy a challenging project and a passionate, creative team.  I like to work with others with an efficient, targeted process to revise, create and alter environments for better effect--keeping the best of the old, and adding the best of the new. That process drives my work and learning. 

As a system, many are working on details related to the common core and state-wide standards. As I understand the standards, I believe the content/process changes will be minimal as we already employ many processes, tools and materials to teach the common core or similar standards.

At this time, the greatest challenge for me as an educator is to shift the learning environment in ways that integrate tools, processes and the environment to best reflect the latest research related to cognition.  I want to facilitate a brain-friendly learning environment that facilitates students' ability to learn how to learn in addition to acquisition of a solid academic foundation (the standards).

What will it take to achieve this goal?

First, I need to read all I can about cognition.  Thus, my summer reading list

Next, I need to arrange the learning environment, schedule, communication and routines to match the systems' goals and reflect a brain-friendly environment with the tools, furniture and spaces available.

After that, I will continue to revise projects and lessons, unit by unit to mirror optimal cognitive strategies and process. 

It would be great to do this with a dynamic team of like-minded educators, but currently I need to find the time and space for independent research and reflection. When the 2012-2013 school year gets rolling, I'll have the chance to work with a wonderful grade-level team during PLCs, grade-level meetings and inservice initiatives to integrate topics of summer study and system-wide goals.

A large part of achieving vision is identifying the vision. This is the latest in my vision revision--let me know if you have any suggestions that will impact my work. The more I blog about system processes and individual work, I realize the delicate balance that occurs, and the factors that impact optimal synergy and effect. I will think about that relationship too as I read about and plan for continued growth and change in the learning environment. 

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