Kudos to Curriculum Directors

My system's current ELA and math curriculum directors employ leadership skills that foster transparency, honesty and care.  I am thankful for their leadership which includes the following attributes:
  1. They don't play favorites.  Rather than choosing a few for special events, conferences and enrichment opportunities, they invite all to participate. Sometimes if too many are interested, some will be chosen over others, but when everyone knows of the opportunity and the chance to get involved, we all feel like part of the team.
  2. They communicate regularly.  Information related to their departments are shared regularly in a monthly newsletter. Teachers don't have to go searching for the information or hear it in the hallway, instead they regularly share the news which again supports a sense of team and collaboration which in turn builds good schools.
  3. They respond to emails. Generally when an email is written, they respond which supports a sense of two-way communication and care. We all know that when leaders don't respond, they send a strong message that doesn't support a sense of team or collaboration.
  4. They give credit where credit is due.  If a teacher shares an idea or provides a link, they credit that person rather than just noting the idea without credit. Giving credit where credit is due builds trust, and trust builds team.
  5. They double check.  Recently there was a late spring opportunity for teachers to sign on to summer work, and the curriculum directors checked carefully to make sure that all who wanted to be included were included. Again, the double checking demonstrates care and ensures that people aren't left out if they want to be included.
  6. They're honest.  They might not always agree, but they respond with honesty or more questions if needed.
  7. They post results.  Recently their end year reports related to curriculum goals were posted on the school committee site.  In that way, teachers who worked diligently to meet those goals could get a glance at the outcome of their year-long efforts and investment. They also made time to share year-end test and progress monitoring results. 
  8. They elicit conversation and are open to dialogue.  Our curriculum leaders regularly make themselves available at PLCs and other times during the school schedule to meet with individual teachers and teaching teams to trouble shoot, analyze and plan for optimal teaching endeavor. 
  9. They say thank you.  We all work diligently to do a good job, and a thank you now and then makes a big difference.  Our curriculum directors understand that, and take the time to say thank you when appropriate. 
  10. They are life long learners. They are continually on the look out with teachers for new teaching methods, tools and processes to further students' positive learning experiences in school. 
There are many roles in education, and it is so important that those that represent the many roles collaborate to teach children well.  The current ELA and math curriculum leaders in my system lead with care and a sense of mission with regard to teaching children well.  I am thankful for their transparent, honest, intelligent and caring leadership. 
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