Learning Together

Yesterday I embarked on a new unit, Adaptations!  I was exhilarated because students were both engaged and motivated by the project. Last night, I tweaked the project description, directions and example.

Today, I shared the enhanced example with students.  I told them about the research I did. One girl piped up, "Ms. Devlin, that information is right on the website."

I looked for the information on the website and could not locate any.  "Where is it," I asked. Then she proceeded to teach me where the information is located. Later she showed me her latest project example. Unlike my example, she was able to import her creature without a border making it look much more natural in the setting, hence I asked, "How did you do that?"

Then she proceeded to teach me again explaining, "I emailed the image to myself, imported it into KidPix and colored in the background to make it look the same." Not only did she teach me, but she taught all her classmates too.

More than ever before, learning in the 21st century is a process of learning together as we navigate multiple tools and limitless information.  As I've mentioned time and again, it's an exciting new age of education and I'm happy to be a part of it.  Aren't you?
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