Experts Inform

Professional development at my school system reached a new height this week as we welcomed Ellin Oliver Keene and Theresa Perry.  Both women lifted our knowledge and intent.  Keene spoke about and modeled effective reading instruction with large groups and small groups of teachers.  Perry discussed the achievement gap with parents and teachers at an evening meeting.  Their presentations were based on years of experience, study and research, and their perspectives centered on helping every child achieve at scholarly, intellectual levels--high expectations for all.

While I continue to be a fan of differentiated professional development, I also advocate for professional development with noteworthy leaders in the field who serve to motivate, inform and lead an entire school community towards optimal focus, learning and results.

Connecting experts and research to practice in dynamic, challenging, environment-changing ways should be a primary focus of professional development efforts.  Has this happened in your system?  If so, what leaders have you hosted and learned from?  What models have you employed to carry out this type of professional development?  I look forward to your responses.
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