Making Decisions: Framework?

We all operate with a lens or framework as to how we make decisions.  Usually at the core of our individual or collective decision process there are specific tenets and methods we believe are critical.  When working with others, it's important, if possible, to understand their lens, framework, beliefs and methods.

At the core of all of my decisions is what I refer to as energy management.  I always think about the amount of energy available and the desired goal.

For example, each school day, I know I have about 7 possible hours with students.  I know the kind of energy each teaching task takes for me, and for the students.  Hence I plan the day accordingly so that we maximize our efforts to reach specific learning and classroom goals.  It's the same way with collective goals -- I think about the energy available in the building, and how that energy can be maximized to serve all children best.  Sometimes, it's essential that one's energy is employed for greater research and understanding, and at other times it's best to use that energy for direct service to a child -- the important acts of listening, responding and guiding a child to the next step.

In addition to energy management, I also think about skills and passion.  I know which skills are my strengths and which are my passions.  I also have a fairly good understanding of my challenges.  I am constantly noticing the same with my students and colleagues, and will often consult with a colleague whose skill and passion is different from mine to gain insight about a child or to improve a curriculum piece.

So when it comes to decision making, at my framework is an effort to maximize my personal skill, passion and energy as well as the group's collective energy, passion and skill for the greater good to meet the goals/vision we've created.  This framework impacts all of my decision making, and it is the lens with which I look at organizations and their potential for change and growth.

What's your framework?  How do you make a decision?  What do you think about first?  How do you proceed?  What's the best decision making framework for schools, and is that framework much different than one for private enterprise?  I'm curious about this, and look forward to your thoughts.
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