"Everthing that is, exists as potential before it becomes actual." - Deepak Chopra

I love and despise a challenge at the same time.  When I woke up this morning, I expected to quickly complete my to do list: clean-up, laundry, errands, parent visit, evening event.  Then I hopped onto my computer to check updates only to find a challenge.  I could have ignored it; I didn't have to read it; and I simply could have pretended it wasn't there.  However, it was there, and I had to take a look.  I read it. Thought about it.  Tweeted.  Made a few phone calls to consult, and then responded.

I like to deal with challenges right away by making a plan.  It helps me to gain some control over the challenge and understand it better.  Usually the challenge sends me right back to my priorities, ideals, goals and vision.  What's most important?  What's at the core of the issue?

What I'm realizing is that at the core of many of my challenges is potential.  I don't like lost potential; I like potential gained.  It looks like this.  Lost potential is like a track race with hurdles that are too high thus hindering the potential fluidity of the race.  Potential gained is when the track is just right for a fluid, smooth run.  Now we all know life is full of too-high hurdles, obstacles that take time to maneuver.  But whenever possible, I believe we need to work towards making the track fluid and accessible thus increasing one's chance of a successful endeavor.

So, rather than playing politics, which is definitely not my forte (it's my nemesis),  I simply communicated my questions and thoughts.  I expressed my quandary, and explained why it was potential lost for me with respect to my work with children.  At the core is my desire to do a terrific job in conjunction with the people and programs I work with.  I want to understand systems well, and be prepared for upcoming change and challenge.

So with that in mind, it's back to business - running my day in an effort to live out my ideals and priorities leaving time for flexible thinking and redirection as I walk down this road of life.

Thanks for listening.  Don't hesitate to share your challenge insights.  Growth is my goal.
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