Favorites Gone Wild

I like it!
I'll favor it.

That's been my Twitter reaction since I joined Twitter only eight months ago.  It's about time I organized those favorites I thought to myself.  Great coffee work!  That was about four hours ago and I've only sorted May and June.

Beware Twitter Fans!  Create a Favorites System now or you'll be like me with Favorites Gone Wild.  I suggest you take a few minutes to create a chart or spread sheet of your main question/research areas.  Then, when you like a Tweet Link, simply copy and paste it into that category.  Thus providing you with a useful list to revisit.

What did I learn today as I weeded this Twitter Garden of wonderful education seeds and plants?  I learned that many minds are greater than one -- the ideas I culled from so many educators are tremendous and will result in more fruitful, inspirational teaching. I learned that there are definitely some areas that I'm more interested in than others as you'll notice in my Twitter Chart.  Finally I learned that we tweet a lot about tools, but not enough about essential questions.  That's an area I want to think more deeply about.

If you've got a quicker, more efficient, fruitful Twitter Favorite sort process, let me know.  Until then I'll continue my gardening.  Tending the way I favor with greater care.  Thanks for all the ideas!
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