Top Articles to Lead the Way for 2011

I keep trying to figure out the best way to share important links with colleagues. I don't want to overwhelm them with emails, but I also don't want them to miss articles that I think are ground breaking, inspirational and essential to read given our collective goals.  Since I know some of my colleagues read my blog, and the blog is an easy reference point, I'll start to create posts related to the most important articles.
  1. Top Skills Children Need to Learn
  2. Preparing for Success: A Garden Analogy
  3. Tech Skills Students Need Before Middle School
  4. Developing your Professional Learning Network (PLN)
  5. Finding Ways to Help Your Students Flourish - Great List to Inspire Your Own Ideas
  6. Transformative Questions to Lead Your Classroom Approach
  7. Ready to Embrace the Year - The Empty Room Perspective
  8. Tech Savvy - Take a Look and Speak Up for What You Need to Employ Tech in Your Teaching.
  9. Preparing Students to "Change the World."
  10. Leading the Way for 2011
  11. Sustaining Workplace Integrity and Success
  12. Twitter Matters
  13. Let's Ban Pens and Pencils - Great Article to Share with Students for Discussion.
  14. What will the Future Bring?
  15. Strategies for Keeping the Balance
  16. Is Your School an Entrepreneurial Community--Should it Be?
  17. Effective Praise
  18. Creating a Conscious Community
  19. Terrific School Year Advice -- Read This Post Regularly to Center on What's Important
  20. How to Create Your PLN (Professional Learning Network)
  21. Engage in EdChats to Collaborate and Learn
  22. Everyone is Talking about Finland - Why?
  23. Do you have a hybrid classroom? Do you want one?
  24. A PD Model that Works - edcamp
  25. Teacher Tech Competencies Short List
  26. Where Schools are Moving--Are You On Board?
  27. Steve Jobs' Stanford Graduation Speech - What's Important?
  28. Fostering Listening Skills
  29. What's Most Important When it Comes to Transforming Education?
  30. Homework: Cognition and Classwork
  31. Tomorrow's Schools
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