School Year Goals

Summer is nearing its close, and now I'm finding myself setting school year goals. Committing these goals to a blog post helps me to stay focused and also elicits feedback which is both instructional and encouraging thus helping me to achieve, revise and refine the goals as I move along. If you read my blogs, you know the tech world creates the "kid in a candy store" dilemna for me. Because there's always so much to learn and so many possibilities, I continually need to prioritize and set goals. I'm also well aware of those goals I meet and the ones that lay dormant waiting for greater motivation or a better approach (more on that at a later time).

For now, here are my goals for the school year:
  1. Teaching Excellence

  2. Balance

  3. Contributions to School, System and Greater Education Community (to be refined upon start of school year w/respect to school and system-wide efforts, vision, initiatives)

    • Providing Tech Workshops

    • School Council

    • System-Wide Literacy Institute Presentation

  4. Professional Development/Learning:

    • Continued Technology Investigation via Internet, Conferences, Edcamps

    • RTI Focused on Reading Instruction (Reading The Daily Five and The Cafe).

    • Action Based Research Focus on Math Instruction (if grant is awarded)

    • Continued Curriculum Development, Revision and Evaluation

    • Update student social network (NING), class website and It's Learning online Units.

Now, it's time to get started.
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