Little Things Make a Difference

Craft Supplies for Less
Yesterday while shopping I came across a number of little things that will brighten our classroom and add spark and ease to upcoming lessons. Most teachers don't have an expense account, and the process to purchase items is often lengthy and complicated, hence we usually reach into our own pockets to pay for the little things that make a difference: the stickers, clothes pins, board games, books, rolling files, craft supplies and small awards.  And, silly as it may seem, when you add the new art supplies, games or stickers to the project menu, you add a bit of spark to the lesson which in turn ignites students' motivation. That's why teachers continue the practice.

In a perfect world, you'd be able to submit all of those receipts and purchase items as needed.  Some systems, like mine, help out through PTO reimbursements and letting teachers order their own supplies in the spring.

The more that systems move to a students-up process of decision making and ordering, the better we'll be able to integrate the little things that make a difference when it comes to student learning.

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