Conference Sharing?

A Collection of Conferences I've Attended, Presented At and/or Intrigue Me
School systems and individual teachers spend considerable dollars attending workshops and conferences?  At its best, this activity translates into greater student-centered, successful teaching and learning for not only the conference attendee, but for the entire organization.

What protocols are in place for your systems' professional development experiences? Do attendees regularly report out the conference's findings and information? If so, how do they share the knowledge--through blogs, tweets, in-person talks, email, other?  What kind of sharing is best received?

Several educators in my system attended a math professional development event.  They all shared their learning and thoughts in separate Google docs and emails. The notes ranged from formal to informal discussion, and the notes were sent both during the conference and well after it.  The notes were received with a variety of responses from those who were appreciative to be able to share in the experience and knowledge to those who felt burdened by the sharing.

I generally write blog posts before, during and after a conference to prepare for the conference, solidify my questions and thoughts, invite the inquiry and response of colleagues near and far, and to outline next steps related to conference learning and ideas.  I typically email and tweet the links to these posts to colleagues in my system and PLN.  I also share the links to conference information for those who want to learn more.  Hence, the conversation is there for the taking if they are  interested.

I'm an educator that likes to be in the know.  I believe that optimal communication and sharing paths lead to better performance and service in an organization.  When I can't attend a conference, I like to get a feel for the conference's premise, tone and information from colleagues in my PLN and school system.  Generally PLN members are quick to tweet out essential points which are easy to follow via the conference's #.  Many also blog summaries and follow-up actions and points.

Yet, too much information can be overwhelming and serve to turn off colleagues rather than rev them up with enthusiasm and shared learning. Therefore, back to my original question: What are your system's expectations and protocols related to conference sharing?  How does your system utilize new information and perspectives garnered by a conference event?  What protocols are in place for funds spent on conferences in relation to innovation/information gained and shared?  As a conference attendee and presenter, your thoughts will help me when preparing workshops and sharing from workshops.  Thanks in advance for your consult.
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