Change: Sharing and Promoting New Ideas

David Culberhouse's recent post, Gaining Traction, challenges us to promote innovation with responsive, sensitive ways that root promising ideas and practices.

This post leads me to wonder about the practices and ideas I want to promote in my organization. Which ideas do I believe in enough to promote in ways where I consider my colleagues' mental maps, context and interest? Which ideas am I ready to share with story telling and support rather than zealous exclamation alone?

I tried to meet Culberhouse's challenge today by writing a short story about a successful RTI effort. It wasn't easy to write the post, but I hope the story inspires others to look more deeply at their challenged learners when choosing RTI groups and efforts.

Culberhouse's post also brought me full circle from my early morning contemplation related to Shira Leibowitz's post, From Facilitator to Activator , since Culberhouse encourages us to work not only as facilitators of new ideas, but activators too.  This Sunday morning circle of learning has given me new challenges to ponder and investigate.  All wisdom welcome.

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