It's clearly that time of the year when teachers are very busy.  We're preparing for tests, facilitating project base learning and completing tasks to ready our program and classes for next year.

Not surprisingly, the scheduling sometimes becomes tangled--too many things to do and little time to do them all.  It's that time of year when patience plays an important role. Patience with others, and patience with yourself too.

Again, keeping students center stage matters.  First, attend to their needs even if it means putting some of the planning and paperwork on hold.  Next, put energy into organizing the classroom materials while the weather is still cool--those hot days at the end of June with no air conditioning makes that job twice as long.  Finally, when those pockets of high-energy hit, spend some time prepping the documents, orders and plans for next year.

You're not alone if you're feeling the push at this time of year, and patience is the key ingredient to doing it all and doing it well.
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