Making Schools Better: Nurturing Families and Children

Today I read a Boston Globe article about the score disparity between low income students and others. I was not surprised.  Low income students face many challenges that middle and high income students do not face.

Bridging the gap is not rocket science--it's about creating conditions for excellence in low income schools so that children have a chance.  Creating conditions for excellence for children in the early years, as we all know, will save our country from despair and dollars spent related to poverty and crime.

What are the conditions for excellence that will turn the tide in low income schools?  These are some that I'd like to see employed.
  • Inspiring school facilities/campuses--architectural inspiration and natural beauty.
  • A focus on community building and quality child-care from birth onward.
  • Multi-service facilities that provide health, nutrition, and education.
  • Optimal physical fitness facilities and daily sports programs.
  • Well paid and trained professional staff.
  • Summer exploration.
  • Ongoing parent interaction and education programs.
  • Engaging, empowering curriculum.
  • Low student-teacher ratio in a restructured school program that targets the needs of students and the community.
  • Solid tech infrastructure and accessibility.
Standardized tests have demonstrated the gaps in American education.  In part, these standards have outlined academic goals.  At the elementary level the goals are foundation skills in reading, writing and math--worthy goals.  It's important to recognize that these tests relate to a fraction of the overall learning program needs and efforts related to student success.  Now it's time to think with a broader lens, and to provide conditions for excellence in every American school.

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