Twenty Days Left

There are approximately twenty days left in the school year.  There's still a lot I want to accomplish with my students, but I have to be more flexible than ever because the end of the school year brings multiple schedule changes, emotions and special events.

With that in mind, I'm going to take a few minutes to prioritize.
  1. Keep a smile on your face:  It's been a wonderful year.  The children have accomplished so much.  There has been substantial learning and a terrific community.  There's reason to smile.
  2. Focus on optimal completion of our two main final projects: endangered species research/presentation and fiction story books.
  3. Edit, edit, edit, read, read, read, compose, compose, compose.
  4. Keep the peace:  More than ever this is the time to keep the classroom peaceful and productive.  That's a great complement to all the excitement that goes along with end-of-the-year special events, move-up day and upcoming summer plans.
  5. Save the curriculum challenges and big ideas for summer study and reflection:  Make a list, and after an end-of-the-year reprieve, take a fresh look at it as you start to study and reflect.
Like the writer or playwright, much attention should be given to a well-developed, thoughtful, leave-the-audience-with-something-to-think about end of the year.  Onward.
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